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For the discerning Artist

"Only the best for your studio"

Studio work light:  

You are no longer limited to the size of your work being a restriction. The Lustra L50 can cover small panels and blocks on your table as well as large canvas all the way across your studio from 10 ft. and more!  You can extend your workspace as needed and be assured of having the lighting conditions you need.  Comes with a Ball head mount for fine adjustments, a 20" adjustable arm, C-Clamp, that can be attached to your easel, workbench or workdesk. 

Photograph entries for online juried shows

More and more shows require photos of your work. Never again will you question the color correctness of your images. The Lustra L50 is balanced to daylight specifications demanded by professional photographer worldwide. Guaranteed. Your images will always be correct and to your specifications. 

Shoot your own video presentations

Lightweight, cool to the touch and powerful. The Lustra 50 allow you to have the perfect light, for professional results.  Again, the quality demanded by professional videographers is what you get to work with. 

Light your still life or live subjects with full control from a comfortable distance for everyone. 

*TheLustra L50 can perform all these functions with True North Light!*

Quality, full spectrum light. Accurately balance to the same daylight conditions demanded by professional photographers, videographers and necessary for all artists to truly see their pallet.  

Manufacturer’s warranty and registration with direct personal customer support. 

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We would like to express our appreciation to everyone noted here for their continued support.

Great thanks to:

Elizabeth Blum, for allowing us into her studio. 

The Valley Watercolor Society, Members and participating artists.

A special thank you to Joe Cibere for the continued support during his weekly classes, and bi-weekly workshops.

Elizabeth Blum https://lizblum.com/

John Byram https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/john-byram.html

Joe Cibere https://www.joeciberewatercolors.com/

Linda Kemp http://www.lindakemp.com/

Deborah Swain-McDonald https://www.deborahswan-mcdonald.com/

Cathy Quiel http://www.cathyquiel.com/watercolor-paintings.shtml

Thomas Schaller https://thomasschaller.com/works

Joseph Stoddard https://www.josephstoddard.com/

Valley Watercolor Society https://valleywatercolorsociety.org/

Pricing and Store:

  • Lustra L50 Artists Light kit: $168.00  (includes a Lustra L50, desk clamp/arm,  AC Power adapter & Filter set.
  • Custom Plein Air Backpack $59.00.

To Buy:




FAQs & Specifications:

  • Stop replacing expensive bulbs and tubes.
  • Up to 40,000+ hrs. of use. That’s 12 years at 10 hrs. per day, seven days a week!
  • No more “lights being too hot to handle” to pack away when done.
  • Cool, Easy to use, Compact and Easy to transport.
  • Each fixture weighs less than one pound!
  • You have full control of the amount of light by using the simple integrated 0-100% dimmer.
  • No lost remotes to find or extra batteries to replace before you can use your light!
  • Our LEDs are optimally controlled and paired with engineered optics to help you reproduce studio north light conditions.
  • Kelvin temperature of 5650 degrees with a CRI of 97. The most accuracy and quality available.  See specifications at prllighting.com
  • A versatile and rugged housing to withstand impacts and accidents. Lightweight yet durable.
  • No A/C power available? Not a problem.  The Lustra L50 design incorporates the option to use a 7.2 volt battery that can last for up to 3 hours of continuous use.
  • Purchase once and never have to replace expensive “bulbs” again. Why pay for something over and over again?
  • PRL Lighting designs and manufactures our own products. Your entire creative community  supported directly by us. 

Download the Specification & information sheets

  1. Lustra L50 Artist Light kit details.
  2. Custom Plein Air Backpack details.
  3. Lustra L50 Photometric measurement data.