Showcasing the
Lustra L50 LED Light

Bring your colors to life!


Artists - Create the natural daylight conditions in your studio any time, day or night.


Lustra L50 Artists Light Kit

Kit includes:

  • (1) Lustra L50 LED Light Fixture. 
  • (1) L50 FilterSet.
  • (1) L50 AC Power supply and cable.
  • (1) Lightwieght fully adjustable 36" arm. 
  • (1) Sturdy Arm Base Clamp.

  • Full spectrum to re-create Studio Northern light conditions 
  • Color temperature: 5600ºK
  • Intensity control: 0-100%
  • Permanent or portable use.
  • Standard 1/4-20 mount allows use on various other clamps and stand.

Price : $168.00

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Custom Plein Air Backpack

The vertical storage will hold up to 11”X 16” watercolor blocks, pallets, papers,

sketchbooks and oil panel transport holders and more. Organize the dividers to fit your needs for oil, acrylic or watercolor plein air supplies.

You’ll be amazed at how much room you have to organize and secure your supplies.

Stores easily, stands upright or lays down so you can leave everything packed…….just as you design it.

Price: $59.00

  • Over 1400 cubic inches of storage.
  • Both square and vertical storage.
  • Customize your storage with 9 different dividers.
  • Fully cushioned to protect and organize your supplies.
  • Lightweight, secure.
  • Weather resistant.

Why the Lustra L50?



Improve the quality of light for:  

  • Studio.
  • Work-space.
  • Exhibition.
  • Special Presentations.
  • Photographing your exhibition entries.
  • Shooting your own educational videos.
  • Designed for professional quality results.
  • Gain the ability to light your larger work from across the studio and not over your shoulder.

Art Organizations



Enhance the quality of your demonstrations and presentations with professional quality lighting. 




Stop using disappointing LED “replacement blubs” and give your artists' presentations quality light.  

Our products offer accurate, consistent and matching color rendering between every unit. Your entire gallery will have an even controlled professional balance with no harmful UV rays. Plus, the intensity is controlled independently at each fixture, allowing perfect conditions for each exhibit.  

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